Lose Weight Fast and Gain Health for Life

Ditch the gym membership and say goodbye to weights and machines! Take control of your shape and your weight at home with celebrity fitness trainer Adam Rosante's three tiered, simple-to-follow plan: 


Eat Clean.jpg

Feed your body right with simple meals designed to help you feel your best inside and out. No weird and wacky “diet” gimmicks; just an easy embrace of healthy whole foods.

Using compound movements, progress overload, and high-intensity 30-second interval training, Rosante’s exercises will skyrocket your metabolism, torch fat, and build lean muscle without requiring the use of a single piece of equipment.


Strengthen the single most important muscle in your body: your mind. You’ll learn how “Lottery Mindset Marketing” has conditioned you to fail in your weight-loss goals—and how to overcome it.




I love this book! Adam’s workout is fast, furious, and FUN, and Adam’s philosophy is real and inspiring. This easy-to-read guide will be your go-to again and again!
— Robyn